Saturday, May 18, 2013

Millie | Blinky Blink

Buh, process

Herpy hurrrp. This is a pretty-much-final version of my blink. There's still stuff I'd like to work on, but for now, crits away!

Password: millieroxs 

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  1. Hi millieroxs. I think the weight on the down is working a lot better and I like her face/expression too c: The blinks might happen a little too fast, my eye can't keep up with the frames so it strobes a little bit. Also the eye roll at the end is a little strange? I'm not sure why she makes that gesture because usually flirtation is direct eye maybe clarify that emotion? Also, the settle on the butt could happen sooner so she's almost completely done settling by the time she goes to blink her eyes so we focus there more? Maybe add in an ease in to the hand going onto her head when it's settling onto the table, that might happen too quickly also..I'm proud of you for securing that elbow on the table though! Overall good job!! c:

  2. Creys, thank you Tabs! Good notes, I'll work on it!

  3. Millie! It turned out great! I agree with Tabs about the eye roll thing. And yeah even though the butt settle is looking a lot smoother, maybe it could happen sooner along with other parts of the body. The tricky thing with animation is finding that balance between too snappy and too flowy, so maybe the settle could be a wee bit snappier. But what I really like about this that it feels like every part of the body is moving, giving her that organic feel. Good work!

  4. MILLIE!!! Gah, this is really cool! I agree with the top comments above--I'm wondering though, did you offset the blinks (it's hard to tell because it's tricky to frame through vimeo). I think that since the love blink is the main focal point at the end, a bit of offset for each eye would make it stand out more, but also make it more endearing. I also think that the butt is a tad floaty--maybe let her butt settle more, and have her shift the weight on her legs slightly (if that makes sense). Otherwise, great job--especially with planting that elbow! :D

  5. Weeee i think the others said stuff i wanted to say about your blink! Super cool expression and gesture :D

    Another thing that stood out to me was the body mechanics on her right shoulder (our screen left)--it seems to be popping in some frames? (at least thats what it looked like when it was playing), and be careful of maybe the shoulder moving a little too much (esp the follow through after her body lands on the table).

    But otherwise its so cooooool! :D