Saturday, May 11, 2013

IsaacTraenk | The Ball bounce!

Having only one Control feels so freeeeeeee! Inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog!

It seems Vimeo provides a better frame rate, so here it is there.
Password = ringling

itraenke ballbounce from Isaac Traenkenschuh on Vimeo.

And a would be rendered frame using maya software:


  1. GOTTA GO FAST! Really nice build-up and roll. The splat in the beginning feels /too/ pushed. I only read that he gets dropped the third time watching it. Even though it's super snappy, I would still have it splat in 1 frame and then overshoot up and settle back down. It feels weird that we see him so "splatted". Really fun though!

  2. Ahh sounds good Millie! Thanks. Yeah, at first I had him hold the splat even longer, but it just looked weird. I kind of wanted a look like it fell from a long distance (space!?), but I couldn't figure out what that would look like. Thanks!