Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tlees | Blink

Hey guys, thanks for the critique on my first blink test! Here's my final go. I included my super boring reference clip that I loosely followed. I wanted to make the timing faster, and keep the expression in the end instead of letting it fade. I also worked straight ahead the entire time and experimented like crazy in the graph editor. It was incredibly fun!

Almost finished pass...

And final!

Password: ringling


  1. Hey Tabs! Nice subtle acting in the face! I feel like in the beginning you could have the body turning a little as well. Right now it feels like his head is almost detached from the body. It can be something really subtle! You already have some up and down action, so I feel like a little rotate would make this really awesome! Good work, Tabs!

  2. I agree with what millie said! Also, I think you're going for more of a cheeky look at the end...? Or whatever the expression is, I think you can push the last expression a little more to make it clearer. Right now I'm not 100% sure how he's feeling at the every end. But otherwise good stuff! :)

  3. Hello! I agree with earlier comments. To plus this, I would watch out for "twinning". Right now the eyelids robotic-ally move the same speed, so break their hearts and break them up. On the 3rd blink, it feels to me like the head jerks a little too much. I think it's because something is translating, so maybe only have the head rotate down?

    Are you using personal reference, or a clip? It would be cool to see it with the playblast. :)

  4. Thanks for the fantastic critique guys! I'll take all of it into account, and yeah I loosely used reference - I'll post it with the final I guess haha

  5. Hey Tabs! Nice final bro! The only things that bother me (and I'm being nit-picky) are the eyes moving back and forth, I just feel like it's too slow (I know what you are trying to do, but) it sort of feels like he is staring at one of those cat wall clocks with the moving tail. Like he is about to get ~hypnotized~ or something. So maybe quicker movements and not that big of a spread? I guess my note is to try something a little different or let it be if it doesn't work out. Oh! And that last blink-open, it feels like it slams at the up. Having that linger up there a little might make it feel a little more natural. But yeah! Awesome stuff, dude!