Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tlees | Thinking mmmm

Hey guys~ so not only did I get distracted with this one I also didn't want to work on it because it was super long and I felt uninspired to finish it. So....I just cut everything out that I wasn't excited to work on (like 200 frames) and finished it way faster :) I'd appreciate a crit ~~ <3

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  1. TA-BEE-UHHH! C: I'm glad you were able to simplify this. Some of the things I'm noticing are small, but I think will help you out. First thing: I think the character's right shoulder should be moved out away from the body to clarify the silhouette; second thing: when the character finishes her thought after 0:03, I think her eyes should be down until she's seated, and then she should look up (this will give us more time to register that she's rejected the idea). Other than that, this is purty kewwwl.