Thursday, May 16, 2013

OLO | BBounce

AHHH BALL BOUNCE. I actually finished this a few days earlier, but I didn't get to post confused me a lot...

Anyways, here it is! Sorry that I forgot to loop would be easier for you guys to crit if this was looped.. I'll remember next time!

But please critique this! :D


  1. Boing boing! I think it is fine until the ball hits the wall, but then after the wall, it seems to me like the ball does not travel away from the wall enough. The rhythm of the hits feels nice, but visually I feel like it would travel farther. :)

  2. Hey, OLO! The first thing I noticed was the timing of the first few bounces, maybe try hitting the second ball faster? But the biggest thing is the spacing. It all seems really even, even though it's moving fast. Try more frames at the top so the ball hangs in air longer? This would especially help at the end when the ball is suppose to be slowing down. So more frames on the top of the arc I think :) Otherwise cool direction~